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Opening a shop

Rick B.

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A subaru buddy and I are opening a custom shop. Orders are piling up and we don't want to work in our living rooms.

Check us out, maybe we can do some work for you guys.


Check out the gallery so you can get an idea of what we are doing.

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i just might make the drive from ohio to come see :D



you should. it will be pretty awesome. of course ill post up pictures and everything.

i think i found the shop location, ill be going down there to look at it with my subaru friend as well as the owner of the property we will be renting.


its gonna be awesome. we will have office space as well as a garage.

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wait, wut?


Im opening a shop. lol. wanna come work for me? we could pimp out a two toned civic for ya.:thumbsup:


thats awesome man...i hope to do this in my life...good luck with it man


thanks man. good luck to you too since you want to open a shop as well.


good luck with that.



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Pics of the potential new shop.

Im reviewing the lease agreement and what not and going through everything with my business partner.


rent is $1050/mo and its a 3 year lease


its 1200sqft

the garage can probly fit 3-4 cars in it.

has a side office

comes alarmed

the office and the garage have separate heat, so that will help save money

cable/internet available

comes with a bathroom! thats important

good area of town


ignore the pics of the landlord








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expand to hondas. ill move down and work for you , haha.


We work on all kinds of cars. Its customization work with some little install work (like suspension setups and whatnot)

the shop wont really be equipped for heavy duty mechanical stuff. (thats where you come in cranny):thumbsup:


we will be doing alot of retrofitting and other customization work out of the shop. there are three of us that will be there. two of us do the paint and retrofit stuff, the other guy does alot of custom interior work.

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Double posting noob^ :laugh:


Looks nice. Make sure that you like the landlord, alot. You are going to be married to him for three years. Some commercial landlords will sign and you will never see them again except when the rent is late, others will check in on you daily and help out. You want the latter. I have had landlords that went out of their way to help me find equipment and supplies cheap, as well and used their renters for business to help them along. Even now, three years after I stopped working there, I have my old landlord on speed dial.

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