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i saw this on CL


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looks like a good deal. but wtf@ orange wheels on one side and green on the other?


those wheels will be flat black when i get home with it. i will not tolerate an abomination like that

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Could do worse for sure. Sound like for your 2500 this car is in much nicer condition around.


yeah, a lot better condition than the last. but if i get this one ill fill the interior back up


oh and i offered him 2200. i guess he wants it to go quick

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Just a shame the spoiler and carbon hood have gone off it...looks like a sweet civic otherwise. Not entirely sure on the rear bumper cutouts though, they'd be gone if it were to be mine.


oh yes they would be gone too. but heres what i got planned already if i do get it


1. rims. flat black

2. rear sears, panels, interior junk

3. rear bumper..becomes solid via junkyard

4. powa!!!

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nice! When are you checking it out?

i gotta call the guy first. probably saturday if i can


Looks very promising, if the motors not been beat on that's considerable to a b16 swap cost anyway so basically your getting a free shell. :0

yeah but that's the thing, i HATE working on someone else's headache if its not done right.


someone on honda-tech just picked up one almost the same...same bumper same hatch same swap...just had lip duckbill and side markers

yeah i hope they didnt get this one. if they did im gonna be pissed. if had 4 cars be bought out from under me. one was my fault for taking so long but the other three were a pita.

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