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The Mother of all Supercars


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they do sound sick they pull so much wen goin thru gears it doesnt really matter wat their launch is like?


Yes it does matter. If he could get that thing to launch hard and get a decent 60ft time he'd be easily into the 8's.....8's in a luxurious supercar... Granted it's a 200k car with probably another 100k in upgrades....but still, there aren't many cars that can be running 8's in street trim without being stripped down. Could you imagine this sucker on an actual race track (road course) where it's meant to be? I'd like to see that thing go around the Nurburgring.

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wow awesome!


Horrrribe launching!!

It is apparent very expensive to fix something like that if it breaks at launch. Upwards of 12k. So he didn't want to break anything. I don't blame him with that much power.

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