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Please no responses about "you don't need anything so don't ask." i know this.


So I asked for a blasting cabinet and powdercoating gun from my parents.

But the girlfriend keeps asking what to get me. I really don't need anything, but she wants me to give her something not car related.



basically, just throw out ideas of cool stuff you've seen.

or stuff you want.


and i have more clothes than i know what to do with.


thanks guys! :thumbsup:

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an SLR would be nice...

what's retail on those since i'm tired?


yeah i'll change my avatar haha. it's funny though. i just googled ugly.


D90 is a grand body only or 1300 with the 18-105 VR kit lens. It might be a little cheaper now. D300 is around 1400-1500 for the body only. D700 is around 2,500.


Tamron 18-50 f2.8 is only around 350-400.


Used D80 can be picked up for around 500-600 and is also an excellent camera. I'd like to get a D90 and use my D70s as a backup or replace it with a D80 as a backup.

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a) Get into any school

b) new alarm clock (current one has a hanger attached to it for better reception.)

c) new tinted windows

d) a razor (so i can shave my left leg and rub my right leg against it to feel as though im with a girl)

e) plug-in air freshener

f) new mp3 player (last one fell out of pocket while working out and dropped a 70lbs on it - poor baby)

g) new uniform

h) new can of almonds, lightly salted

i) more low cut socks

j) more underwear (they're tearing up on me)

k) Brisket, sausage, ribs, sweet potato, potato salad, and southern sweet tea from Thelma's

l) Someone to come and decorate my Christmas tree

m) a new vacuum cleaner (with a person to do the vacuuming)

n) prepare my bubble bath and feed me grapes daily (males not apply)

o) a bicycle and a bike rack for the car

p) play 1 on 1 with Rafer Alston tne next time I see that fool at the gym

q) attend a tailgate party prior to a Texans game

r) more character house slippers (spongebob and/or patrick please)

s) PS3 so i can rock on guitar hero (I want to feel like Slash for once in my life)

t) lubricant jelly so I can prepare for the rape by upcoming finals and future exams

u) new shoes (bape or 360s. for some reason, the air pocket of my right feet are all popped?)

v) more jeans

w) new gf (current one talks too much)

x) new can of pringles (current can has been in room for over 4 months)

y) new ear buds (current one keeps falling out of ear for some darn reason..?)

z) go to confession (haven't gone in 2 years. I'll be in that room for over an hour, I swear to Buddha)

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