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New Years Eve, Eve party


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had a little get together tonight with some friends and kicked back quite a few beers and some crown and coke. this was all to start off the new years eve party. how was everyone else's night?

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Heh, I still have a little bit of a headache from last night.

First we went to see AVPR....not my thing....just nonstop senseless killing with not even an attempt at a storyline.

Then I was guzzling vodka and redbulls at my friend's house, while watching those "Cube" movies. Dunno if you've heard of them, but they just pissed me off for some reason.


A girl I know is having a party at her place in Hartford tonight, so that'll be fun, but I'm gonna take it easy. Probably some tequila rose or something. Mmm, like a strawberry milkshake.

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i told a friend of mine were going to his house tonight for a kegger. of course he abided lol. we have like 12-14 people going to this kids house so it'll be nice 'll take pictures.

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I too had a pre-NYE midnight BBQ last night. Good times indeed...tonight should be alright, still deciding what to do: Giant Maximus with Tiesto headlining on the streets of Downtown LA, some bar out in Hollywood, or a small kick back at a buddy's. Or, in my old age, I'll prolly fall asleep and miss New Year's.

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Here's stuff from my party:




I just look so good:









We had a projector showing movies behind this lovely couple:





The next morning:



Edit: Unfortunately I didn't take that many shots of the actual revelry, but stuff got a little crazy. I spent all the next day cleaning up, picked up over 100 cigarette butts around the back yard, and the cops yelled at us for lighting off too many fireworks at midnight. I'll see if anyone else has any good shots.

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I think we had about 15-17 when the ball dropped. Not too big but we all had a good time.


We're finishing the rest of the liquor right now. Well, my friends are. I still can't even smell alcohol and think it's appealing, haha.


Oh, and I found some more pics. I'll upload them and edit this post.


Late edit: So here's the rest of the ones I could find. They make it look like it was only a few of us or whatever since only my close friends came early and then some other folks I hadn't seen came a little later. Still, I guess you guys can trust I wasn't lying. Here are the rest of the pics:












And some I took afterwards before we cleaned up:











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Oh god, how I hate cleanup.


Occasionally I find it easier to burn and just rebuild then to actually clean.


Had a couple friends over, very low key. Drank a lot of captain, watched a few movies, saw the ball drop, guess I am getting a bit boring in my older age...

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Alcohol recap for me: 6 Millers and 2 yaeger bombs. Not bad. Even while tipsy, I still managed to compose pictures alright. I'm in the blue shirt.





























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my drink of choice. it was full when i started.



my buddy bein retarded.



my little "family" party



bottle at the end of the night......i stopped drinking it and started drinking beer.


presidents and buttheads is not ment to be played with crown and coke.



2 thirty packs later, and a bottle of hypnotics later between the 4 of us, my wife and my friends wife don't drink


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