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can you find them all?


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so, a friend of mine emailed this to me earlier asking if i could find all the band names in the image. so far i've found a large number of them, but i cant find them all. lets see if you can do any better.



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i found...

- Red Hot Chili Peppers

- Radiohead

- zombie nation

- Jefferson Airplane

- Smashing Pumpkins

- phish

- Seal

- Styx

- Blind Melon

- Guns n Roses

- Alice in chains

- Led Zepllin

- Iron maiden

- Matchbox 20

- The Eagles

- Deep purple

- the rolling stones.

- 50 cent

- blur

- beach boys

- scissor sisters

- the black crowes

- the police

- the gorillaz

- black flag

- the eels

- blues brothers

- the doors

- queen

- sex pistols

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I see some now...I missed the "eels"...a...


what kind of music do you listen to/like? I'm guessing you are a rock person...? I don't know what type though...


i listen to a little of everything. i was really into heavy rock, metal and punk when i was a teenager- hell, i was even a goth back in the day- but i've mellowed out a lot these days and prefer more pop-punk, soft rock, country & mainstream stuff these days.


i swear i posted it here. i did a search and found that i posted the same pic in nov of 05.

i'm not going to flip through archives all the way back to '05 when its almost '08 now. sorry.

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cool...I listen to heavy metal too and anything that's good...but mostly trance...electronica...no lyrics...


I've been to your state, NC, and it was like a HUGE forest to me...it was fun...I speeded and drove like a crazy California person and didn't get any tickets...I didn't even see cops...lol

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lol. whereabouts were you when you came here? cops are everywhere in my area (Raleigh/Durham/Wakeforest/Cary/Apex) but most of them are pretty nice about most things. There are ALWAYS checkpoints and such every weekend and they arrest hundreds of folk using them. but my fiance's a firefighter and knows most of the local ones- definitely saved my ass more than once!

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