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Looking to buy a Del Sol


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The name's Solo I'm new to Honda Forums.


Been looking for Del Sols on craigslist in the Seattle, WA area.


...Couldn't find any Del Sols that were Si Stock. All of them's been messed with.


Anyways, I'm looking for one and I wanted to ask the Del Sol Owners:


- What should I look for when purchasing a Del Sol?

- What resources should I tap to learn more about Del Sols?

- What were the things you wish you would've done when you bought your Del Sol.


I've test drove 2 so far, and I'm really looking to purchase one soon.





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advice #1, del sols are getting more and more rare and hard to find. Do not limit yourself to a search just in Seattle. Don't be afraid to drive, at least a couple hours, in any direction to check out nice ones. I live in Ohio and from all the salt used the cars get eaten alive by rust, so I bought a Florida car and flew down and bought it and drove back. Now I have a rust free, low mileage Del Sol. And I paid less too as it seems to be a more common car from warmer climate areas.


The roofs leak alot. And from what I can find the replacement moldings are kind of pricey. I wouldn't let it deter you, just be aware. One that has leaked for a long time could have floor pan rust issues.


I doubt you will find many nice si or vtec del sols that are still 100% stock. Pick your battles. If you find ones with just an intake, exhaust and header you could easily revert it back to all stock for a few bucks and then sell the used after market parts on craigslist and probably pocket a few extra dollars. S models should be much easier to find all stock, but then they are pretty gutless compared to the si/vtec model.


BTW, welcome home. :D

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Yeah just like x3772 said: Be aware of the leaky roofs. Being from WA where I hear it rains a ton I would say you'll want to be extra careful about checking for leaks, or if it does leak then spend some cash and get them fixed.


I bought mine in February and I never noticed any leaks 'til spring came and the rain started falling, my roof leaks from the corner right behind the passenger's head. More annoying than harmful but I still keep a small towel with me to try to keep things dry.


Good luck man, I love my Sol and I think you will too.

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Sols are becoming rare?




Everyone now has one.


Umm, yeah.


Just because almost every Sol owner comes to HF doesn't mean that "everyone" has one.


Or, maybe you have some roaming around your area.


I was almost in shock when I got on the highway coming home the other night and saw two other Sols. It's rare that I see 1 Sol on the road.

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x3772 and Point Taken,


Thanks for your advice, I really appreciate it.


I've been looking all over on Craigslist. From California's major areas all the way to New York.


Yes it's rare to find a good condition Si or VTech. But I'm still not going to give up.


I met with a guy yesterday who had a Red Si all "Riced Up". Kind of disappointing.


I've been looking at the Miatas. Sadly, they are not "Cool" at all.


Regarding the leaks. Yes it's a pain, especially in Seattle. But I'll just have to find a solution to that.


I'm going for the really clean stock with nice rims look.


Which would be a better color? Black or Blue?



Thanks everybody.

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It depends. If I wanted to sell the car, I would say they were rare, If I were trying to buy it, I would tell whoever i was buying from that they are common.


exactly, and del sols were rare to start with,


a total of slightly fewer than 75,000 models sold in America
1993 25,748 1994 21,075 1995 14,021 1996 8,489 1997 5,603


on a car that is now between 14 and 10 years old, given accidents, abuse, and neglect there must be fewer then 1/2 of the original cars still operating, probably closer to 1/3. Many of the ones that are still operating are in such bad shape they should be in the junkyard. I saw one a couple days ago with rust almost all the way to the c-piller...

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i drove all the way from miami beach, through daytona beach and all the rest of the way to central ohio and I passed two, and they were both in FL. 1200 miles of highway and I encountered two, and one was being towed behind an rv.

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I looked in the local paper and lucked out and found a one owner in Louisville, KY. You should get local papers for the major surrounding city's. There is

bound to be one floating around you can pick up cheap.


As for myself this was just for a project car for my wife and it didn't matter if it was a S, Si, Etc... We got a Del Sol and we've put about $8500 into it so far and it's turned out to be a nice car.


This is our first Honda.



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I found a mint condition VTEC del sol with only 53,000 miles. But, you have to pay for it. Mine was $7,000. I found it on AutoTrader and I only had to drive about an hour. After the seller accepted my offer ($400 less than asking price), he got about 8 calls from people who wanted it, including someone who offered more than the asking price. The seller honored my offer and I now own the car. The lesson is - when you find what you want, you got to move fast. A good sol will often sell for higher than the KBB price.



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