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    93' Del sol
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    93' Honda Del sol
    Factory Red
    Custom interior (mostly black with red accents)
    Alpine Type R 6.5" custom fitted all around
    Short Shift w/ Type-R Knob
    4-2-1 Header
    High Flow Cat
    2.5" Mendral Bent Exhaust w/ 3" outlet
    AEM Ram Air Intake
    Super White Headlights
    Clear Corner Lens
    Pioneer DEH-P780MP Headunit
    17" Ruff Racing rims w/ lexani rubber (205/35/17)
    Tuner lugs
  1. ogi1der


    Raley, good to see that your still here... I have been lookin' @ dr. isotope stuff, didnt know he used to have a sol... good taste in cars lol. Hope your doing well...is AirJordan still here, he was always a cool dude 2?
  2. ogi1der


    It has been a reallllly long time since I have been on here and I want to thank thoes who have helped with my questions in the past. I am leaving Hondas for now and am buying a 09' Scion tC. I have not decided what to do with the del Sol, I will likely be selling it or parting it out. If there is any intrest let me know. Thanks!
  3. Those must be some long ass payment plans your getting... In regards to more info, I want buy something in the 14-20000 range
  4. Around 450 a month, until I get the second bonus, then I'll just pay her off in no time
  5. Little outa the price range... -Travis
  6. ogi1der

    Here you go!

    love what you've done with the sol -Travis
  7. OK so the company I working with is going to start giving me a $300 a month car bonus at the end of May early June, but I can't figure out what I want to buy. I've been looking at E36's maybe get an M3. By August they will be upping the bonus to around $450-$550 so I figure I'll just pay it off quicker. Give me some input on what you would buy. Also any upgrades repairs insurance is coming out of my pocket remember. Thanks PS. I have the del Sol to bomb around in and also my winter car is a ZX2. So no winer rats...
  8. My car was hit on the drivers side and I was bombing aroudn ebay and saw some cheap fiberglass fenders. I realise you get what you pay for but does anyone have experiance with fiberglass fenders? I just basically don't want to keep throwing tons of $$ into this car. Let me know... Thanks
  9. DIBS!!!!! I live in syracuse, I can come get it this weekend, where in upstate do you live?! I PMed u my phone #
  10. just peekin.. cuz u did it first.

  11. I work for cutco, like I said before on this forum and I'm going to get her the garden tool set...split it with my little brother...if anyone is interested in getting cutco for their mothers let me know...I'll cut you a wicked sweet deal
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