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Remember how I told you guys I wanted to sell my ricer...?


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Sold it 4-5 weeks ago, and just last week picked up this ride;






I drove it Thursday and loved it so much that I purchased it (post buyer's inspection) this evening at 6:00 pm. Driving it is indescribable. I am completely blind to any cosmetic blemishes because it is so fun to drive.



1995 Camaro Z28 M6

Moroso intake

Edelbrock TB

Flowmaster muffler

Borla tips

No cats


Driving so far:

Incredible. Step on the gas and hear it GROWL. It's loud.. as hell. Push in the clutch, hear it bark, drop the clutch, and that wonderful tune of all 5.7L of muscle serenade your ears. I have to feather the throttle in almost all gears. Right now the car is at a ballpark of about 320hp and 340lb-ft. Power is ample throughout the RPM's. Give it a little gas (I mean a little..) and the rear steps out. You pretty much have two options, rev it up, dump the clutch, and spin first and second; or roll the throttle, drop the rear, and take off.


More to come later.

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Unless it's dyno proven I seriously doubt you're making those numbers.


BUT, welcome to the dark side my friend.


I'm just waiting on Rob to return. :x

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you just said camaro and preludes have same interior.


i like prelude digital speedo.. thats it.


I..meant they both have crapty interiors.


I'm not too particularly fond of mine.


To the OP -- Get yourself some Z06 rims in chrome and slam that bitch on it's nuts. .. Well maybe not THAT low, but about a finger width in the fender above the tires.

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nice just about exactly what i did




edelbrock headers

centerforce clutch

flomaster exhaust

K&N cai

cragar rims (i dont know which ones they are)

275 toyo proxies

2 mtx 10" subs

kenwood 1000 watt amp

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i'm all giddy now.


i have the fastest f-body here.


except maybe for camd z, 'cause i dunno wtf he has.


looooooove that red z, though.

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you should have been here about a year and a half ago when i frackin yelled at this guy with a mustang or camaro or whatever and he said my honda was a piece of crap.


i think it was like timmythewop.


he became less of a douche.


then i just didnt care.


you know i think you're cool.

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