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Good and Bad day


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Got my DL back! Yay, there was a miscommunication and the SOS (DMV) they thought I didn't pay an old ass ticket so I just showed them the receipt and they gave me my license back (it's paper lol) So I took the civic out and turned off my street redlined first and second and then my trans made a loud grinding noise, popped out of gear and now it won't go into any gear. My input shaft bearing exploded lol. So I went to work, came home and SSR said my hybrid trans shipped out!!!!!!!!!!!!! w00t So today was a good day for me minus being car less for a little while.

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Good day turned bad, I pushed my car into the garage this morning and happened to look down at the rear bumper. Someone hit me apparantly when I was parked. I don't know when it happened becuase the car has been sitting for about a month... There is a crack in the bumper on the drivers side corner and it doesn't line up with the rear quarter panel anymore. It's not that noticable luckily... I'm kinda pissed now though.

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Okay... Latest AIM i got from SSR:

Me: You got the tracking number?

SSR: It's in my back seat

Me: I thought you said it was at DHL

SSR: The trans had to be bolted to the shipping crate.

Me: Oh


End of convo.


That and my friend's audi (the one in my sig) got fracked up today big time. We had a party tonight and someone backed into his car as they were leaving the party, he (the audi pwnr) couldn't call the cops cuz he had been drinking... Basically a huge ass dent in the back quarter panel, bumper is scratched to this weekend and the tail light.... Well it doesn't really exist anymore... Anyways, I'm depressed as fawk about this trans. I spent all my grad money on it and still have zip. But at least it will be perfect when i get it i guess.

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