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This is the thread that any info about my car will go into from now on.


Things to do:


Pull ZC trans apart, grind 4th gear to fit

Put ZC 2-3-4-5 into my trans


Buy EX front LCA's and install them with CTR front swaybar while putting the trans back in.


Put ITR rear sway bar on along with A-Spec-Racing subframe brace that I just received (ASR brace, ITR swaybar, and ZC trans all got here this week).


Compare 1/4 mile times before and after trans swap (I'll take weight out somewhere to account for the added weight of the sway bars).


See how much better I do at the next autocross.




Info on my car:


1996 Honda Civic DX hatchback




Berlina Black

Shady Valley sticker

ITR Expo 220 sticker

Quiksilver sticker



1990 Integra RS shiftknob

working cupholder

OEM radio block-off plate

Si CD player relocated to cupholder DIN

EX center console

CTR cluster



removed intake resonator since I was too lazy to put it back on after trans work

Miller beer wrist band on brake res.

removed exhaust piping, hung muffler with coat hanger



Action Clutch 1MD (6-puck sprung)

Fidanza 7lb. flywheel


Advanced axles



CTR front/rear brakes w/ OEM CTR pads



CTR front/rear shocks/springs



CR-V 5-spoke steelies, 195(maybe 205)/60/15 Falken Ziex (street)

Rota Slipstreams 15x6.5 satin black, 205/50/15 Falken Azenis, Daiyama lugnuts (race)


To install:

CTR front swaybar

EX front LCA's

ASR rear subframe brace

ITR rear swaybar

ITR brake MC/Booster/Res.

Z6 intake manifold

ZC 2-3-4-5 gears


Next up to order:


Quaife LSD

Z6 countershaft (have ring gear) to complete FD

Sparco Speed seats

fab 4-point roll bar (Autopower is designed for coupes so it doesn't fit tight)

harnesses (still researching, will NOT be used on street)

SFI padding

seat brackets

new Bell helmet


Debating on how I want to build my engine.


Going to start a group buy for the SRR 4.9 FD since it is discontinued and I want it that bad.

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Update time.


Bought a new in box SRR 4.7 final drive on ebay for $165 shipped.


Going to rebuild my trans (bearings, seals, synchro's) when I put in my ZC gears.


Not going to put in the final drive until I get the Quaife. I want to feel the difference from the gear sway first.


Going to go with Sparco EVO seats versus the Speeds I think.


Probably going to use a D15B7 4th gear for 3rd gear if I can get a B7 trans for free from someone. (1.066 versus 1.033 ZC)


Doing some testing for Omnipower. Clutch master cylinder and prototype aluminum front lower control arms. Putting that stuff on this weekend.


Going to start getting stuff for my first build in a week or two. 12.7:1 CR with FLAT TOP pistons. Should be able to run 87 for daily driving, 93 when I want to get on it. This will be an all OEM bottom end build and I'm hoping to make 150whp non-VTEC.


Did half an HPDE (story later) at Summit Point in West Virginia, and rolled a Cobra (killed me on the straights, but I stuck to his ass in the turns so he had to let me by).


..SSR.. out bizatches.


P.S. My website is getting close to being done.

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Bought a Y8 exhaust manifold today for $30 off a friend of mine.


Swapped it out and drove it.


Idle is a bit lumpier sounding. Deeper and louder sound. Annoying as hell at 50% throttle around 2-3k. Quiet when crusing. Sounds like a LS swap at WOT. Kicked an Impala's ass on the way home from work.


Ordered some wheels a couple of weeks ago, they should be here in a couple of months.

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Need to order Si endlinks so I can install rear sway. Not going to run a front sway as of right now.


Need to send ZC 4th off to be ground, then install it and replace 2/3 synchro's.


Have some dents and scratches to be repaired. Backed into my friend trashcan and dented my hatch, so I preordered a Composites Fab carbon hatch. Will need to order a FAL rear window for it.


Going to bust out my sound deadening whenever I get around to ordering and installing a Hawker Odyssey battery. Removing A/C at the same time.


Probably going to order a Delta 272 regrind and mill the head while I do my build.


Wheels are halfway paid off, so once they're done, I'm ordering some Koni Yellows and 205/50/15 Ziex for the Slips.

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Still need to send 4th gear off.


Once I get it back I will put it in along with EX 1 and 2 gears and the CRX Si 5th. Ordered an SMSP header. Plans for engine build are almost finalized


Going to order Function7 endlinks versus OEM. $40 vs. $100.

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