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  1. If anybody randomly has a CF hood, license garnish, trunk lid or targa lemme know. Haha, I know, they'd get snatched in a heartbeat. But hell, a guy can wish right? But a B-series stainless header would be tight!
  2. i'm elcaminoguy12 off AIM. i met you off SS

  3. You're so much of a SolSociety rebel you sold your Del Sol. Dang. You're a haradass! Lol. J/k with u man.

  4. Tight, lemme see a pic of those tails whenever you have a minute! I want to do CF tails. Totally with you on the OEM stuff. I don't really like going all out JDM personally, but I like keeping it fairly simple and clean, so people have no idea what you're running under the hood. Not a total sleeper, but somewhat. And most body kits are ugly anyways! Yikes! 50% is light! 35% is the legal in VA, and the Troopers are pretty hard on it. Which I can understand b/c I wouldn't want to walk up to a car not knowing what's behind that window. I'm doing 35% on the sides but 1 1/2% on the rear. In VA, as long as you have two outside mirrors, you can totally block out the rear window. And I know about exhaust. Anything louder than stock in VA is illegal. But I think I'm going to do it anyways. Just keeping everything else legal and keeping my stock system handy ;)
  5. Okay, gotcha. I'm that way with tools, I buy good stuff because it's not worth breaking and getting new stuff. I figured T-304 Stainless would last, but if it sounds trashy I don't really want it. I used to hate exhaust period on four-bangers, but I realized you actually can have good sound, just most people don't. What exhausts would you suggest? Okay. Headlamps and taillights I like, so I'm doing them. It's cool to hate, everybody likes their own stuff. Tint goes with the whole blacked out with a few accents theme. Harnesses along with everything come on a priority basis. I like them and want the support for when I play. Understand the neon hate. It's an idea, not a total have to do. Thanks for your opinions, I didn't post this just say everyone would say "Ohh that's great!" Thanks.
  6. It's in my noob thread. U commented on them lol. But here it is. New pix too. http://www.hondaforums.com/index.php?showt...mp;#entry312484
  7. I hear you. I want to do some more research, I just can't justify 500 bucks for a damn catback. Not real big on JDM crap, but I'll look into it. With the info, I've decided against the fuel rail/fpr. What about cam gears? I know how to set timing, but have no idea on how much to retard/advance.
  8. The list is slim cuz i'm POOR! haha. As for rims, I plan on keeping mine. I want to powdercoat them green though. JOKE!!!! Haha. I want to powdercoat them black. Lowering is a possibility, at least stiffer suspension sometime. I'm debating lowering as I live in a pothole heaven. And dead deer on the roads. Hicksville.
  9. I figured I'd get raped on the exhaust lol. Nah hate the weedeater sound, but I'd heard this exhaust on a B16 and sounded decent. Idk maybe he had bigger cams or something. Okay, won't do the fuel rail or fpr. Yeah, you can have my stock taillights when i replace em if $20 is okay? Do you have clears right now?
  10. My car is a constant work in progress, but here's a list of my future plans. PERFORMANCE OBX Fuel Rail(blue) and Fuel Pressure Regulator(chrome) Tenrai Catback Exhaust Ebay Header BLOX Racing Intake Manifold INTERIOR Green Six-point Harnesses Green LED Underglow EXTERIOR 1 1/2% Rear Tint 35% Side Tint Headlights Carbon Fiber Taillights-KGS Engineering That's all I can think of right now. Lemme feel the love or hate.
  11. I hear you man. I'm not with the whole JDM scene at all. But I try not to rice as best as I know how. Just picking the parts that I like best, trying to make my car MINE.
  12. This thing is gonna be CLEAN man. I'm totally following this build. Black sols are the crap. You've got a good project base. Looks like no rust! Lucky you! Haha. I like the cleared out front end. I put clear corners and am doing the bumper reflectors soon too. You keeping the taillights? Not a fan of clear taillights, but I like those with the tint to them. How dark tint are you doing windows? Good looking sol man! Keep up the work!
  13. Well I liked the color too lol. But definitely was trying to keep away from red or blue as my main color. Yes, I know I have blue wire loom and plug wires. Btw thanks for the compliment!
  14. I just picked it b/c most people had red or blue on their black cars.
  15. Sorry for not putting pics up. You guys can beat off to these. Nah, seriously it needs paint but I'm doing it within the next month and a half. Black again, if you're wondering. Fuel rail and fuel pressure regulator after that along with CF taillights and new headlights/aux/bumper reflectors. Work in progress as I said, but feel free to rag or compliment. This last pic is my motor up to date, minus the NGK plugs/wires.
  16. Aight, brand new to HF and thought I'd introduce myself. BTW mpearce1974 sent me! haha. But I'm from VA, I drive a 1994 Del Sol Vtec that's a work in progress. As of now it needs paint, targa seals and a master cylinder. Everything else is good, it's been a long journey since I picked it up in Durham, NC for $1100. The interior has been gutted and redone (minus the dash and most of the plastic). I replaced the starter, alternator, plugs/wires, passenger fender, adjusted the valves and many other numerous things that had to be fixed. As of now my only mods are Baer rear rotors coupled with Bendix CQ ceramic pads, APC short ram intake and NGK plugs and wires. I'm new to the Honda scene but am ready to learn as much as I can! Thanks guys!
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