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  1. Tubbith, I don't know what a 100k mile warranty had to do with high-mpg vehicles, but bc you were drunk, I understand Random thought-TUBBITH FOR MOD!!! and i'd really like to be at home powdercoating right now
  2. Do the rotors and pads, whatever's fairly cheap. blank rotors and you can probably even get ceramic pads for cheap. I wouldn't get the cheapest pads they have they're usually chiitty Try treaddepot.com for your tire needs! i've had great experiences with them, got my Toyos for 98 bucks a piece.
  3. run that motor til it dies you could probably find another civic coupe fairly cheap though, without a motor/trans. then get the Y8 cheap as well, they're a dime a dozen.
  4. your motor is made for gas mileage. vtec-e is an economical car. get another engine or car if you wants speed. not being an a$$, just stating what you've got
  5. i don't think the officer acted right, but he was provoked by Jimmy IMO. he's the one who started cussing out the cop.
  6. do you need rotors and pads? or just pads? does it have drums in the rear?
  7. I know i wants to see it :drool: Gorgeous, not to take away from the teggy either! Love me some integra!
  8. I feel for you buddy Hang in there. You need to get rid of that car. Weigh out fixing it. Like would you make the money back that you put in it if you fixed it and sold it, OR would you be better off selling it as-is. IIRC it has too much stuff wrong with it to keep it, like more than you just mentioned. Sell, and get an ugly looking, good running honda. You need to get out of debt bro! Don't let it take you over, get ahold of it before you're way under. HANG IN THERE!!! It'll be aight!!!
  9. well, you know they COULD make better mpg cars if they want! that 1970 carbureted honda gets 60mpg, and new cars don't get anything of the sort! and we've got computer controlled cars now!!! it's bs i tell you! Seb you got AIM?? random thought-i need to quit typing in all LC letters. it's gheyy. and i want some cereal
  10. Seriously Seb!!! Car companies could make SUCH high MPG cars if they wanted, but they don't/have deals with oil companies My dad once met a guy in a barber's shop that drove a Ford F-150, said it got 100MPG!!!! With good power too!!! Shortly after he bought it, Ford mysteriously had a carburetor recall!!! Wonder why that was?? Test carburetor???
  11. 40/60 MPG, so yes, on highway it does! Curb weight is 1310 lol, so that's the main reason for MPG!
  12. I want a 1970 Honda AZ600 We're talking like 60MPG lol.
  13. awesome! you just there in the summers? either way i live close. Pearisburg to be exact . we'll have to chill sometime. Yeah there's meets in Roanoke, but idk about any all-honda meets if that's what you're referring too.
  14. agreed family guy is amazing at 3AM can i sig this?
  15. coupled with headwork and a good bore/higher compression pistons, it does
  16. welcome! love tegs, and OMFG the 79 Civic is clean as hell. If you're going to VT like it says, we are now friends. I live 25 minutes from Tech campus.
  17. and quote the great man Peter Griffin... "You got Legos? Ahhh SWEEETT!!! Lois only buys me MegaBlox..." Random thought-I love Family Guy whether you guys do or not!
  18. i already think you should be a mod. but as for tonight, you are deemed the chief of the dead-thread patrol
  19. ...The fish look good man. I wish I could've snuck a few fishies back from when I went to St. Vincent. Going under the water and seeing tropical fish...nothing like it.
  20. definitely did. but got Toyo Spectrums rated at 40k miles for 94 a piece I didn't pay for the set that were worn down, they came on the car. I wasn't too pissed endthreadjacksorrysir.
  21. use the wife's car as much as possible. my toe was out really bad, like an inch on one side burnt through brand new front tires after 1100 miles. yikes!
  22. Fettucini Linguine Martini Bikini Billy Mays just got his ass kicked.
  23. i'm ready for christmas, though just like last year, it doesn't feel like it. ready to get my car painted, hopefully by the end of January. ready to build my computer
  24. umm so a guy wrecked right in front of you and you kept going?
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