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  1. If you want to know my background, PM me again. You didn't ask that the first time. If you want to meet me you are welcome to come to Panama and see me and the next time I am in the states, I will look you up. I will buy you a drink and we can talk. The fact that you would bring up fighting means a lot about your mindset..........
  2. You my friend are a complete fail. Just like the rest of HF.

    Have fun living a poor unfortunate life and crying into your bath tub moon shine. You slack jawed yolkle.

    You should really look at this situation and me for what I really am, cold and calculated....

  3. ^ you're damn right I do.
  4. Let's see what information do you want? My name is John Joesph Rodriguez. Up until recently, I was a resident of RI. I moved to Panama (Balboa Avenue in Panama City) with another friend (Fabio) to help him run his family's business. What other information would you like about me? The first posting was my idea and was done in a cold a calculated fashion to elicit a certain response from Lina. I was in on it and helped write it, so if it came off as high and mighty, then thank you, that is exactly what I was going for..... The stuff I have told you all was suppose to be between friends. I am sharing this information for one person and one person alone. Knowing full well she will read this stuff and hopefully feel some pain from it. I highly doubt that however, because it seems as though she is nothing more then a sociopath. Yes, this does make me a huge DB and probably a sociopath as well and you can judge me as much as you want. Don't judge someone you don't know and isn't here to defend himself from me or any of you. If you would like to email me him, PM me and I will give you his personal email, so that you can talk to him for yourself and judge him then. He will not come back to this forum because of a promise made to Lina after the first posting. He is a man of his word. Actually, him know about this place is my fault anyway, so you have me to thank for this entire situation. I have obviously struck a nerve with most of you. All of which think they have a real shot with Lina, when in reality no one does. She is just going to hurt people and hurt people and hurt people some more, until she ends up a crazy cat lady. At least she won't be alone, she has a friend that is also a sociopath back in Cali. They can be crazy cat ladies together. I have the benefit of more inside knowledge of the situation then any of you, since I have seen and heard from day one what has been going on and read the majority of the emails between the two involved parties. So I am playing a hand of strength, but if I were to post these messages, your high opinion of Lina would change dramatically. My problem with Lina starts and ends at three words, "I love you". Those words are sacred. These are words you say only when you mean them. Lina threw them around a lot. If you look at the email I posted, she said them again. I am sorry but that doesn't make sense to me that you use those strong a words and then, poof, we can't be together. It is childish and stupid. For those of you who say that I have my head to far up my friends a$$, you are probably right, but you all have your head too far up Lina's as well. Continue on your bashing, I don't really care, none of this is meant for you. It is meant for Lina. The rest of you can go back to screwing your goats.
  5. BTW, all I want is for my friend and Lina to be happy, but this BS Lina is pulling is killing them both. If any of you had some sense you would see that. If anything that is what I want her to realize. Talking to her worked before. If you guys really do care and want her to be happy, you should talk to her.
  6. Pretty sure, I didn't direct my comments specifically at you. In fact I hardly know you, so I would judge you at all. My comments were directed at a few certain people who are constantly on this forum complaining about their jobs or lack of jobs and lack of money. As far as serving my country, I will not go into details with you, but I served, maybe not in the military, but in a government agency, so I understand what you are saying. I have been all around the world more then once. The context of my post was such that I would lay my life on the line for Eric because we are such good friends and I know he would do the same for me because we have. Please don't pull my words out of context for your own specific issues. The fact that you could take my more general discussion about people here and think for a second that was applied directly to you says in your mind that what I said was true about you as well. So thank you for making my point. Just as others here have done many many times. I am sorry about your student issues. I do wish you the best of luck getting them resolved and furthering your education. I truly mean it when I say that I want people in life to succeed. When I offered, I was willing to use my considerable network of friends/business associates to get people here jobs. I offered people a leg up and they ignored me. This thing with Lina is something I have to do, whether you like this or not. You weren't on the phone with Eric last night, listening to him while he puked and cried. I have never seen him like this ever. There is a lot of background that you don't know. Lina does and all of this is for her, not you... I live in Punta Marina Panama you are welcome to come and try to do anything you would like.
  7. Please do............................... Like I give a flying fvck, seriously. If the majority of you (Lina included) had real friends that you would literately give your life for you would understand why I am doing this. Call me a homo and think I am an a$$hole or what ever. I don't care. When your closest friend in the world calls you and almost runs his truck off the road because he is that distraught and the only thing you can do is try to console him from thousands of miles away, you do what it takes. Even if it is going to tick off a bunch of random strangers. If in the end the one person the whole thing is meant for realizes the error of her ways before it is too late. If you people really were Lina's friends then maybe you would see the underlying problem here. You defend her because you are her. Most of you too afraid to live your lives in the real world, so instead you come here and rant an rave about the sh!tty lives you have. She has a good job, makes a decent living and has a man who is completely in love with her. Her problem is loneliness and if she weren't acting so stupid. That problem is going to be solved. If you really are her "friends" as you think you are then you should do something about this. You should talk to her. I posted this stuff in public for a reason. I aired dirty laundry because public humiliation is a huge tool in making people feel guilty and realizing the stupid mistakes they are making. Humiliation is a huge motivating factor in manipulating a person because everyone wants to feel like part of a group. She is part of this group and her embarrassment here is very important, if for no other reason then to benefit the next guy. I don't apologize to any of you or Lina for the posts. I don't care what you people, the moderators of the forum or Lina thinks of me. I am so far away from any of you both in mind and physical presents that I don't care. I only care about one person that is involved here. My friend. I meant it weeks ago when I said I would help people here find jobs. No one even bothered to ask me. You all just continued to whine about your poor little lives. I really felt bad for you people at first. Now I realize that none of you want it. You love to wallow in your self pity like a pig rolling in sh!t (Lina included). That is what this place really is for a lot of you. This doesn't go for everyone. X, you have been a pretty good guy, Savingstrangers as well and I am sure there are a hundred plus more that are good people. This is directed to the weeds of the group. The bad apples. Hate me today and hate me tomorrow, but the reason you hate me so much is because you always hate the people who tell you the honest to god truth because no one can stand hear it. Quite frankly, I feel dirty for even being here. Amongst you people.
  8. Name is JJ fvck nut. Eric wouldn't do this. If you had actual friends instead of virtual ones, you would understand why I am doing what I am doing.

    Go back to whining about your poor unfortunate life to the rest of the fvcking losers and retards on this stupid a$$ forum. No one here especially you are worth a fvcking piece of sh!t to me.

  9. illaaf


    That is exactly why it should be aired publicly, because you all "love" her around here. You don't know what is really going on. I am just giving you full information on the person you "love" so much. If you don't like it don't read it, but like she said in another discussion on the forum is that there is freedom of speech. If the administrators would like to kick me off, so be it, but this is an open forum. Everything I do is done for a reason. I am very methodical, so think what you want, but I have a purpose....
  10. ^ dude it isn't meant for you, if you don't like it just ignore it. Very simple.
  11. illaaf


    ^ first post your right, but Eric would know......... Sorry about the clogging, she just holds this forum to such a high standard in her life. It is sacred to her. So I am screwing with her. She shouldn't do this sh!t and I want to make sure everyone sees her for the real person she is........... Two faced.
  12. Google two faced b!tch and Lina's photo pops up..........
  13. illaaf


    It is for real. It is sad really. Problem that I have is the inside knowledge of the emails that you guys don't have. Things are said in them that you don't say, unless you mean them. I'll be honest. I read a bunch and I can see why Eric is so crazy about Lina. Between them, the phone calls, the chats and seeing her in person. He really thought this was real. In his heart it is real. Like I said, he is probably the smartest I guy I know by a long shot. He wouldn't just jump into this life changing event if he didn't test her first and he did. He screwed up his personal life once before and he wouldn't fall into that trap again unless he was sure. That isn't the problem, it is Lina and her messed up head. Hell, I have even sent her emails. She said in earnest that she wanted to see Eric again and loved him "a lot". There has been a lot of confirmation. So the thing is, she is either really depressed, or the best liar I have ever come across........ Because if she can lie to Eric while in front of him or on the phone, she is damn good. Eric is like a human lie detector. Actually, all of my "questions" come from him. He asks these things randomly to figure out what people really are like.........
  14. ^So what changed between yesterday and today? Oh that's right, nothing, you were always two faced...... Highlight - I didn't get involved with a two-faced b!tch like Lina
  15. Random thought - When someone says, "I love you" it should be true. Those are words that shouldn't be thrown around lightly....
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