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street del sol


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i am a college student and i am going to slowly work on my Honda Del sol 95 4c 1.6L vtec.. i want to make it hot and go fast!

i have been working on the interior and it is looking great, i have a hole new sound system interior neon and i have painted some panels and the air vents. i will put some pics on but i am not worried about the interior, just the body and engine


it has nothing added to it other then what i have done..


i am in a college class called engine rebuild and want to work on it but dont know what to do exactly to make it acheave what i want


eny thing will help, thanks

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Step 1: Quit college, go back to kindergarten and learn how to spell.


Step 2: Watch Fast and the Furious, take down notes (step 1 probably needed for this).


Step 3: Explain what you actually want out of your sol, sounds like you've got the interior how you want it, what do you wanna do to the engine? Just look in to a decent air intake/header/exhaust. If you got the cash and know-how, turbo the sh*t out of it.


Step 4: PROFIT.





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only del in that movie was fagged

fixed :)


if you want a fast del sol read brians build thread

TROOF! lol


speaking of, what did you dyno at brian?

490whp on pumpgas @11psi with no vtec at 8,300rpm before the sleeve sunk :dry:


i think he dynod at the machinist messing up his block....but aiming at 490 whp me tinks

you are completely correct sir.. goddamn machinist figgity fuucked up my block and the sleeve sunk on the dyno... getting my new block today i do believe.. :dry:

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An engine is essentially a large air compressor. The more air you can put in and get out; the more power you will put out. Therefore look into a cold air intake system/ intake manifold (in order to get more air in) and look into headers and cat-back system (to get the air out quicker). Those are the things you will have to do first!!!

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