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Can you lift an Odyssey?

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I have a '96 Odyssey, 2 wheel drive. Recently I've started doing a lot of canoeing that requires me to drive off road. Is there a lift kit or some other way to lift the car about 3 inches so I can get better road clearance and put on some slightly larger tires? The guy at the tire store thought it was possible and the one mechanic I asked, thought I was crazy. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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crazy, yes, but in a good way.


it is possible that a simple spring block might give you a little more clearance. 3" might be pushing it. you would need to get that thing over to an offroad truck shop and have them take a look. it is very possible that they might be able to custom fit another similar sized vehicles blocks to your application.

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blocks are really dangerous... because from highway speeds + pot hole they can break... then you lose control. id recommend having larger springs made or different struts and springs, i dunno the exact setup of that vehicle, but giving you ideas.


listen to Xeryon about taking it to an offroad shop, if you are even asking the question, id guess you're not knowledgeable enough to properly exicute it without hurting someone... and safety is really number 1.

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Hey Raley and Xeryon, thanks for the feedback. I will take your advice and visit an off road shop and check out the larger springs and/or struts and springs possibility. I definitely want to keep things safe. If it turns out it can be done, I'll let you know how it all comes together.

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Raley, you will need to explain to me the mechanics of a solid polyurethane ring breaking. was going to try and fit 31's on the g.cherokee and without an extra 2" of clearance i have to cut the fenders. discuss.

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Well... have you ever replaced pushings or had them fatigue? Its the same concept... but a ring on springs fail much faster because the end of the spring digs into them and the load is greater than on bushings. There are lots of companies that make fender flares for jeeps... that actuall the best route for you since you dont need frame clearance, you need diff clearance.

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The fender flares are big money for fitted flares, if I use a generic it looks....well...generic. I have to cut and just screw in a cut to length rubber molding to the sheet metal. Not that I wouldn't do it. Just kicking around the options: $400 for fitted, $100 for generic, $100 for blocks.

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VIP minivan, thats just funny.


Its along the lines of:

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oh and PS ive been looking at alot of those "vip style" forums.


wow, ricers... all of them.

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guy 1: "i was actually thinking of relocating them, reason being I want to be able to see if anything happens (oil pressure, afr's etc) to make sure I can correct it in time"

guy 2: "just get rid of them"

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this coming from the poke & stretch crowd who pimp out nissan cubes with 22" chrome wheels.

V.I.P. Stands for "Very Ignorant Prick"

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