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aftermarket INTAKE MANIFOLD!!!


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Cory, I am fairly certain that the confusion comes from a lack of punctuation in some places and excessive punctuation in others.


Like raley said, no. Basically, if you preface any part with the word Ebay it will not do anything for you car other then waste money and annoy the neighbors.

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dont fk with my chance to be a douche!

Its 8am, i didnt get sh!t for sleep cause my new ink is hurting like a mofo (coverup so had to push deep) and I have a 9 hour school day. A&P, Calc, and Technical reports writting. oh and im sick... again. Cory needs to be a DOUCHE CANOE!

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You sir, have failed to catch my attempt to act like a douche in response to your acting like a douche. We, sir, are both being douches which does in fact qualify as a proper douche canoe.


The following graphic roughly applies:



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aftermarket INTAKE MANIFOLDS!!! are only beneficial if you are being restricted by your stock INTAKE MANIFOLD!!!


measure the ports on the aftermarket INTAKE MANIFOLD!!! and see if they differ from your stock INTAKE MANIFOLD!!!


if you feel it will benefit by adding 3 hp or less for around 300 dollars, i would say go for it.

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