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car wnt move


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the axle splines could have come out of the diff, that is what raley means, not the whole damn axle came out of the trans. Happens sometimes, esp if you were rough on your axles when putting them in, or if you did not install them with the ring installed on the input end of the axle.


Damn your daft.

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or if you just didn't push it in all the way... ive done that one before :p (damn rushing a clutch job on my own car)


so its a EF with a z6 motor... not z6 swap... there is a HUGE difference. Pink, you really should look at a component of your car that is NOT located on the interior.


also, sorry to the OP for being to quick on my crappy responces, i was on my phone which has the worlds craptiest keyboard... so my answers were short.

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