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questions for d series build and others


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so like i said in my last post im gonna build a d series motor, and boost it. im thinking about going with a d15b vtec or d16a6 or z6 vtec, either will be straight from jdm or japan motors. i will set the motor up for boost so it wont be an all stock motor with a bit of boost. if i do so how much psi or lbs of boost can i push on it with a p28 without blowing or fracking anything up?


also, i wanted to know if the charge pipes and intercooler can be painted a different color as in black or a goldish tint? like wat type of paint if so, and would the paint mess the intercooler up? jw

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currently running a 3 stage setup on a stock rebuilt z6

7psi internal waste gate, 11psi, and 14psi, the stock components can take it. Personaly I only take it up to 14psi for 1/4 trips down the track, usualy im set on 7psi unless im doing some spirited driving through the gorge, then its 11psi.


6psi is fun, but youll always want more, hence why im building a low-comp vitara, ill be pushing 20-25psi on pumpgas in a DD.


Also 6psi is 6psi regardless of where it comes from be it from a eaton supercharger, a discopotato, a kls5t (think of a turbine the size of your chest), or your holset, the only difference is the time it takes to reach the 6psi, and that has nothing to do with your motor, rather the turbine size.


Ian my best advice is to not waste the money on a "JDM TYTE" motor and pick up either a d15b7 (easier to tune) or a d16z6 (a little more difficult since the vtec changeover and differing fuel maps)

Then build it yourself using low comp pistons/rods.


I myself am currently building a d16z6, YCP vitara pistons, FJ spec rods, and arp head studs, along with some BRUTAL head work, new cam (delta or bisi, havent decided yet) Ti retainers, oval springs, new valves, angle job etc etc etc.


If your serious about doing a D build I highly recomend you go do alot of reading over at DSO to get a better idea of what your doing.


Also write down a few things before you even start contemplating your build


1.) What are you power goals?

2.) How will you get around when your building your motor?

3.) How much are you willing to spend?


Follow that advice and you should be golden, if you have any questions hit me up here, or over at DSO.

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Well I was not going to ask anything until I had all the money together but since someone did and you cmgogo seem no know about this topic here is my question. I am planning on just dropping in a Z6 and boosting it. But my eg is daily driven everywhere its the only car I have. So have you experianced problems with boost since yours is a DD as well? I don't plan on beating the motor up everytime I drive just wanna have fun with the DD my plans for power mmm maybe somewhere around 200hp or so.

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cory, gimme your turbo... or give it to shari to give me for x-mas :p haha its on my list. i can't find crap for boost parts under 200 bucks around here (and thats for a damn beat up 14b)


Seriously? the market your way still hasn't opened up and gone down in price yet?...Raley If I come across anything I'll keep you n mind..Are you still looking for a 14b?

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Yup just cuz i still have an hf mani and adapter plates...


edit: i was thinking about going bigger just for the b16 but a z6 is ready to rock, already have 2 chipped ecu (and all the tuning stuff) and fmic, piping (gotta be modified) will have to do a downpipe but that easy, so basicly all i need is bov, turbo and a gate... haha sucks i know. cheap is best :p

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