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ftw motor mount broke need help


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ok so i was coming back from crusie night. and when i changed gears my mount broke. on the drive side but it broke from the motor. it broke two bolts in half and rounded one out so..... my question is am im going to have to pull the motor bc of this...........



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amd that is why i use 10.9



i'll bite, whats 10.9?


i think that he is talking about the grade of bolt..... so i say that they were just stock but i will go with a higher grade bolt now. and what size is this bolt and how long. really need some help with it thank you

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well, you broke it off with three so I am pretty sure the answer is a resounding no.


time to get that bad boy to the machine shop. probably drill the whole thing out and sleeve it or something.

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well life sucks i think im going to pull it out all the way and just go and have the motor rebuilt and do a few things but we will see. the bad i will not be able to drive it again till maybe october but if i save i may get it done in sept we will just see

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