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just a small town girl.


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hey everyone.

the name is Tricia.

18 years old.


i have a honda accord 98 with 3.0 vtec

just got it so its still virgin to a lot.

all i have in it now is a system.


hopefully going to add some new stuff to it asap!

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3l would indicate a v6. not a bad vehicle. you realize a prerequisite of hondaforums are pictures of both the car and the owner right?


noods of both are preferred.


Don't worry, this is a common request of both male and female. :)

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"sight for sore eyes" is a good thing, means she's pretty, therefore he was just giving a compliment, not being a d*ck :)


...and I must say, he's right. Plus that gears shirt is AWESOME.




Welcome to the forums.

I thought he said you aren't a sight for sore eyes.

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and dammit OP, I've been listening to Journey ever since I saw the title of this thread...




and there is nothing wrong with a little journey!

good band. very good.

gotta keep things old school sometimes.


haha old school!

my old school is backstreet boys and britney spears.

so i guess i should find a diffrent word, so the good ol days? lol

back in like ozzy and twisted sister and aerosmith

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welcome to hf. nice car. any plans for it?


haha in all honesty, i have no clue what to do with it yet.

right now im just sittin back and watching all the other cars drive by and look very close at them.

i dont want to have that car that people think was a complete waste of time and money and and sound like a "rice burner"

i am very picky, just because she is my baby. (i think all of you would agree)

this forum has given me some good ideas.

i havent really seen a car on here and thought "wow, what a waste of money" everyone has really put some time into what they did and thought about it.

and it pays off, because it looks amazing.

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What a total case of win this thread is all of a sudden.



i guess there are a lot of gears fans on here.

just a little fyi and me going nerd on your for a seocnd.

the new gears of war 3 comes out 4.20.11<3

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Oh I'm aware..I caught the accident Microsoft prematurely let loose the other night on the dashboard.. I said "LOLWAT, NEW GEARS?"


I still play it. Frequently. It's always fun sniping bitches when you haven't had a good day..

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