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Blower Motor Problem


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okay so.. after we painted the engine bay, put in the new headlights etc we ran into a problem and not sure if its related or not




when the car is off and the key is out the blower motor will still turn on (can turn it from off to 1 to 4 etc)... the lights for blowing it to your feet defrost etc also will work.. well it was draining the battery.. took out the relay and that fixed the blower coming on but the lights will still come on but the battery isnt getting killed at least




anyway the blower is the only accessory that will come on... the windows and everything thing wont work if the car is off (like they shouldnt)



tried changing the relay.. didnt help anything




any ideas?



already checked all ground (pretty sure at least) ands made sure everything was plugged in



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Wow, that's odd. The power for the blower and lights is usually interrupted when the ignition is disengaged. Somewhere in that swap of yours someone must have crossed a power wire.

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thats what we were thinking but we went through the wires i dont know how many times and everything is plugged in properly and nothing was cut


what really gets me is all the other accessories stay off

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I was having the same problem too on solvic #1 even before it was a solvic. And I know 4 other solers that have the same issue. Basicly It happened for me for a week or 2, then it just stopped and the problem never came back. The same has been true for the other solers. Talked to techs, engineers, etc and none of them have any idea after we troubleshot every possible thing. It also seemed to start about this time of the year as well. Maybe has something to do with rising humidty causing a short in a relay somewhere? So my suggestion to you (and what I did) is make it a habit of turning the fan into the off position when you turn off your car. Sorry I cant be of anymore help sara.

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yours was simpler than mine haha, well atleast you found the root of your problems. I still have to figure out why mine still only blows on 4, and its not the switch.

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not yet, i need to know the pinout and the vairances on the switch first, and well, i have been too busy working on the 2nd sol and the dakota.





That was my rat typing, shes going ape sh!t because i got another one.

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