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Repsol's For Sale Thread.


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Well where should I start? I have $280 in fines to pay, I still need a windshield, Blew a tire the other day so I need new tires, oil pan gasket, etc. Seems a numerous amount of things seem to go at once, and I have really bad luck. Hopefully I'll have some luck selling this stuff.


Brand New D16 Stuff

YCP Vitara Pistons 75mm STD Bore 8.5:1 Compressoin. (With NPR Rings) - $145 Shipped.

Gates Racing Timing Belt. - $55 Shipped.

Honda OEM Head Gasket for D16z6. - $75 Shipped.

Water Pump. - $65 Shipped.


Misc Sh!t Laying Around

MGB Rostyle 14'' Rims. (4 X 114.3) - $125 + Shipping.

Miata Panasport Copy 14'' Rims. (4 x 100) - $300 + Shipping.

Bare B18C5 Block. - $25 + Shipping.

Civic/Del Sol A/C Fan. - $30 + Shipping.

Anything You Need From An Automatic Del Sol/Civic. - $


Fun Sh!t

Traxxas Jato 3.3 RC Car. (65+ MPH) - $300 Shipped.


I'll get pictures up of the used sh!t, if pictures wanted for new just let me know. Post or PM If Interested in Anything. :) You can also text a brotha' at 443-235-7783.

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I should have specified. The wheels are 4 x 114.3. :(

And there's a guy supposed to be picking up the block here locally.


ah thats cool, good luck selling it :)


i either wanted to build it for boost or let it live in essence whilst being my coffee table :D that way it can live forever


but just for curiosity how much would it have cost to have it shipped here? lol

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