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new camaro ss

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so at work today, i installed an SLP exhaust on a '10 camaro ss. now don't get me wrong, this thing sounds sweet, and is fun to drive, but i was honestly quite disappointed in performance. much slower than my del sol and surprisingly at low end it feels extremely un-torquey, laggy almost (yes TCS was off!). not that i couldn't have broken them loose i'm sure, but this is a customers car so i wasn't launching it or anything, but standing on the throttle didn't slip any tire... odd. Just wondering if anyone else has any comments or experience. Still love the car but hell... that's a lot of money for slow!

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and the funny thing is.. the camaro is faster than the challenger and the mustang.. at least thats what has been claimed




there is a black '10 camaro riding around on post here and a new black vette, theyre sexy but the '10 frost white M3 with CF roof that parks beside me is just GORGEOUS

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Your sol is a mutant and hardly comparable.


The super soft suspensions and quiet cabins would make the car feel slower then it really is.


Have you looked at the size of the tires on that thing? It would take a lot more power to really break loose then the older cameros would need.

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the 2010 camaro's run on the LS3 though the manual tranny and a POS L99 through the automatic


the L99 has been taking to mods like garbage... I think I saw a cam swap only produce like 50BHP


the LS3 however is a great engine... and down low is where the LSX shines for the most part, all of my torque (335ft lbs at the wheels) was available @ 3200RPM and that was just on an LS2 through an automatic on a mustang dyno


I think the "lag" the OP is talking about is due to the electronic throttle body... the stock tune on them provides sloppy throttle response and a confused gearbox that usually shifts to a gear higher than it's supposed to


once a tune is on these cars the transmission shift pressure is bumped (in the auto) and the response of the throttle body is doubled whilst the MAF and A/F ratio is all tuned to 93 octane specs... resulting in a completely different car


my LS2 picked up 25RWHP and 30lbs of torque with just a simple dyno tune



hell, the 3.5L direct injection V6 camaro makes 307BHP @ 275lbs tq (going off of memory, probably a little off) and those things break the tires loose with ease


the 3.5L camaro has been seeing consistent low 14's @ 96-99MPH too... that's unheard of for a entry level american V6.... let alone only a 3.5L

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Yea, not even the 4.0 V6 Mustang's have been banging out consistent low 14's, more mid and high than anything else though, still decent for a six cylinder. They respond fairly well to mods from what I understand.


I dislike the thought of wirelessly operated throttle control..lol.

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