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LED DRL placement

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Hey guys and gals, ive decided to make some custom LED DRLs and im trying to figure out exactly how i want to place them. Ive photoshopped 4 different options using the LEDs i bought. What do you guys think would look best?


1) Long Lowers



2) Short Lowers



3) Long Uppers



4) Short Uppers



ill probably end up spacing them out a little more after seeing the chop

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well i spent some time yesterday making the templates and had all the holes ready, then my fracking roommate decided it would be a good idea to throw them out after he watched me make them. fracking moron

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So I got the LEDs in the mail today, took about two days to ship, very impressed. They are EXTREMELY bright, kind of hard to capture with a snapshot camera. Right now I just have a template and wired the LEDs up in that. I think I'm going to keep them setup like this. So I'll go to the machine shop and fab up some metal brackets with an acrylic or plexi front to guard them from the elements. They are 100% waterproof but its nice to have that extra safety. Only have this one side done, hopefully finish the other side tonight.






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