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I need help with my just rebuilt engine 92 Honda civic

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:help: I am wondering what king of ECU I would need for my 1992 Honda civic hatchback DX with a 1.5 block and a 1.6 v-tech head. The ECU that was in there was a P23 stock one, but was made in 1993. I was told to get a P2P to make it a v-tech, but I was also told that I would have to change the plugs too. Is that right? I have the v-tech head and v-tech sensor but it have never ran as a v-tech. I just rebuilt the engine in two days and it started, then the distributor got filled with oil so I got a new one and it didn't run. I know that it was the right distributor, but my car has been sitting for 3 weeks now and I can't figure it out so I'm thinking the ECU is bad but I'm not sure what one to get or if that's even the problem. I need help I'm at my wits end with this car. :rant:

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First of all, it's vtec. You will only be reminded once. After that everyone will flame the hell out of you.


Your engine, as long as you are in the same generation of motor, should start regardless of the ecu you have installed. It may run like ass, but it will start and run. If you distributor filled with oil and now the engine doesn't start I would say you hosed something with your rebuild.

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yes it would be better to run a p28 than a p2p because the p2p is obd2 and you would have to get a ecu jumper harness conversion. a p28 is a obd1 so it should just fit right on.


about the oil in distributor idk but yea since u did do the v tech head swap could be a hose issue that got oil in their.

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-get a p28 ecu from a vtec head or company

-V-TEC(dont feel too bad i used to spell it wrong)

-get new o ring for dizzy

do a walkthrough of the engine on paper to make sure you got 100% everything perfect. one little thing could lead to disaster

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