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so with kenitys post about fleas it reminded me of these stupid ants at my bfs house and i didnt want to thread jack so i made a new one



first we picked a house by a damn pond and woods on one side which may have not been smart but it was cute.. we put snake away around the fence and havent seen any.. put spectracide spray around the walls etc for spiders which seems to be working well.. but we have ant problems


fire ants are all over the yard and i hate them cause even if the small ones bite me the spot swells like crazy.. the first product we used was a mound thing but it just made them move across the yard.. tried another mound one and it made them move back to their old mounds.. then we got stuff to spread around the whole yard and they left for like 2 days... anyone know anything that will kill these frackers?


next are these annoying little black ants that keep getting in the kitchen.. i've mopped with clorox and we keep the house clean but i cant get them to stay the hell outside.. any ideas?

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we get those in the high desert. no joke, came downstairs one morning to a thick black line leading to an empty soda can on the floor. followed the trail out of a crack near the back door, all the way across the back yard, and into the yard of the house behind us. little bastards are desperate. we hired a pest control guy to spray the perimeter of our house once a month and i have yet to see a single ant in the house, and any larger, crawling bugs have not made it past 3ft from the edge of the house. the guy comes with a van that just had a hose with a sprayer and walks all the way around hitting the edge of the house (the hose has to be like 500ft long). the spray doesn't hurt our dogs, my fish, or our bird, so its safe around pets. its expensive, but its the only thing thats worked so far. you think the house is clean and they find one little spot of dried up soda in the kitchen counter and they are there. oh and they love dog food.

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Yep burn house, down.


Then burn the ant hill, that the house was built on, you are going to need lots of gas and maybe a few sticks of dynomite.


After that, rebuild house, there problem solved.


That sucks Sarah, hope you are able to get rid of them, I had that problem a few years ago. Later chicka.

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