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Rick B.

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Let me know what you all think.

this is just the beginning. Ill be doing a retrofit here pretty soon.

I can do them for your cars too if you guys want. ill give you guys a good deal too.





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Guess I would need to see a before picture to know exactly what I'm looking at.


look at my sig


pulled the headlights apart and blacked out the shrouds.

also replaced the amber blinkers with sylvania bulbs (they look metallic blue but light up amber)

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Those look pretty damn good. I've seen a few DIY threads about doing this, but I'd be afraid they wouldn't seal back up properly.


Ill do it for ya!


nice work man. do you have a pic without the lights on


just ran outside and did some pics for you. its overcast so they may not be the best quality






here is one from the bugeye meet


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