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how much do a set of these go for?


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craigslist...should be able to find for a few hundred dollars...depending on condition...


yeah they are in great condition, im gonna pick em up tomorrow. im getting them cheap lol

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hard to tell from pics, are they the 14's or 15's?



those are 5 lug. What are they off of? Accord maybe?


i have no clue what they are off of, all i know is that they are 14 inch 5 lug and are in good condition.

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i wasn't paying attention and missed the 5 lug. it's been a long day.


accord i think. stock wheel for a few years on the special edition or ex or something.


Edit #1

I was initially thinking of these, guess not... I could swear I have seen those above on an older accord though



Edit #2

Hot damn, I was right. I just wasn't thinking old enough initially.


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why would you get them if they are 5 lug?


your car is 4 lug... :sleep2:


to sell them of course.



and yes xeyron they are the ones in the second pic, but they have the honda emblem in the center cap.

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