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Sarah's Stuff for Sale


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Honda Stuff (D16Z6)


Oil Pan

Vtec Solenoid

Fuel rail w/ injectors

Distributor(new cap and rotor button)


Oil Pump/Pickup

Oil pressure sensor

random brackets and pulleys

crank/stud girdle


If you need something let me know, we'll work out a price and shipping

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so I have no money and a random amount of stuff laying around i dont need.. heres the list:


Honda Stuff

D16Z6 - i was told it has a lightweight crank, could def. use some new rings/pistions, still ran for me, head is good on it(i had just put it on), no idea how many miles because the head was from one car and the block was from another, has a new timing belt/waterpump, ran royal purple the entire time i owned it with k&n filter, the cylinder walls looked in great shape when we pulled the head, if no one wants the entire motor i might be able to part it out


Head off a a D16Z6 - could use some new valves, i have new valve stem seals to go with it along with some newer springs and retainers(i got them from someone on here to rebuild the head but then we realized it needed more then just springs so i just put a different one on the motor)


A/C - I have the compressor, condenser, and most of the lines


Mustang Stuff (just in case someone knows someone else)

Heads off a 1969 302 - casting number D00E $75.00

Intake mani off a 1969 302 $50.00

'Powered by Ford' valve covers


Drag Truck $9500.00 obo

I know this is a stretch but I am selling my truck with the built 302, c-4, and 8.8 rearend

I'm making up a list of all the mods so if anyone is interested or knows someone interested let me know




If prices are not listed just pm me and we can work something out


Hey, sweetie I have a stainless steel header that was never mounted

I have no use for it... maybe some one can put it to good use

It will fit a 1.6 DOHC...

let me know Imight get rid of it cheap.

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