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I <3 trannies

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Figure I'd just make a thread to put them all in.


Built this for a friend in Murfreesboro for his 98 ITR.


96 spec JDM ITR trans

MFactory 3.070 1st

MFactory 1.625/1.296/1.000 close gear set

MFactory 4.05 final drive

MFactory LSD

new OEM 1-5 hubs/sliders/synchros



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B16A2 for a customer in Dallas.


MFactory 4.928 FD

MFactory LSD

MFactory diff bearings

MFactory 3.07 first gear

new OEM 1-5 hub/slider/synchro assemblies

various other new OEM parts

some little tricks here and there



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he's such a clever businessman



humphries i thought you got fires from your pizza delivery, how can you afford tranny work?



who said i was buying.. just asking for advice and info on transmission.


like almost everyone else on auto forums.

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How did you get into doing all this?


The first time my ISB went bad was the first time I split a trans. Went from there, teaching myself along with way.

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Few more since I've lagged a little.


D16A6 for paved 3/8 mile oval racing in Canada

MFactory LSD, MFactory 1.565 3rd, DOHC ZC 1.346 3rd gear as 4th gear




MFactory LSD, MFactory 4.5 FD, new OEM 1/2 and 3/4 sleeve sets



K20Z3, MFactory LSD, MFactory close gear set





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