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so... i was driving.. and my clutch was already pretty bad but now i think i blew it.. or broke it.. whatever the correct term is... anyways...car still runs just really slow and i cant accelerate at all... i was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions on any good cheap realiable clutches out there... im thinking since im gonna change it might as well get something thats better than what i had... its a 98 civic dx hatch :laugh:

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you can get a half good one at O'reilly's, thats what I have, for $120. or you can get an oem excedy one on ebay for around 100 bucks.







I know it says for a B series, but I looked up the part nubmer and its the same for a 92-00 civic, even the D series. And trust me, you want these oem excedy clutches because they will last for about 100k miles or more. we just changed my mom's at 114K.

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Action Clutch. 1OS $220 shipped, 1MD $310 shipped.


1OS is full face organic disc, pressure plate, TO bearing, pilot bearing, alignment tool. Stock replacement.


1MD (which I recommend) is 6-puck metallic unsprung disc, pressure plate, TO bearing, pilot bearing, alignment tool.


I use the 1MD myself.

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