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  1. how would it foul your plugs if you keep it in the oil? and my friend has a 91 teggy and he did the same thing and hes been drivin around with the stuff for s good 2000 miles and hes had no problems
  2. what if you just had an oil change and you put seafoam in your oil but dont change your oil and drive around with it,, is it bad?
  3. i just seafoamed my car yesterday and put in a new fuel filter and spark plugs and it seems to run better,, ive had everyone refer it to me,, whats everyones opinion on it? did it work good for you? i put 1/3 in my oil, 1/3 in my gas tank, and put the last in a spray bottle and sprayed it in my carbs,, seems to have a difference, theres no more surging on the highway, and my carbs dont backfire anymore
  4. i know exactly what woure talkin about. i have a 1988 prelude 2.0S and had that same problem, and i just started poking around the engine bay and fixed it. i think it was a bad ground. look for bad grounds cause on your model if its carbbed you dont have an IACV.
  5. you would have to change the head becuase its different than the carbbed head. also you need to change your fuel pump, ecu, all sorts of things. i have an 88 2.0s and i thought about doing the same thing but its not worth the trouble. so just do a full motor swap
  6. well its not a constant squeak. whenever the wheel is spinning its like a squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak. and it also doesnt do it all the time. i was driving around all dar yesterday and it was driving smoooth as hell. even when i went 100 down the highway. im baffled but ill check the things you listed thanks
  7. whenever there is no pull or vibration i hear squeaking
  8. your solenoid is on your starter. but you arent getting any power whatsoever. so its gotta be a bad connection on the battery. also check your main battery fuse under the hood in the fuse box. i beleive its a 70 amp
  9. all of the sudden there is a real bad vibration in my wheel and the car pulls severely to the right only when i am going at a steady speed, not when i am accellerating, decelerating, or out of gear. only when i am going at a steady speed in gear when my foot is hardly on the gas. sometimes the vibration and pull will go away for a short time but it is replaced by i high pitches squeal coming from the right wheel(passenger). my cv axle clicks because it is bad and i have been told this might be the problem but the axle was clicking wayy before this vibration/pull started. does anyone have any i
  10. ahh okay thats what i thought... would the fuel filter have anything to do with this problem?
  11. well i dont really know any mechanic that would even want to touch those carbs because of their complexity. but ii just replaced my o2 sensor and i dont evn know if my model has a map sensor? lol... but idk im kinda just waiting for this car to die cause i want a new project lol its got 187xxx miles on it
  12. does the b20 a3 carburated 1988 honda prelude have one of these because im having the same problems
  13. well on friday i replaced my o2 sensor and all it did was help my gas mileage and i thought it might help with the other problems. but the next thing im gonna do is replace the primary fuel filter. and i did check for vacuum leaks but did not find any so far. but thanks for the input
  14. did any of that help you? because im having the same problem but i have the carb motor
  15. Hey all. I have a 1988 honda prelude 2.0S B20A3 (dual carb). motor has approx 186,XXX miles. recently whenever i would be stopped at a light or something, the motor would be idleing just fine at about 800rpms then all the sudden the rpms would start going lower and lower until the car almost stalled out then the rpms would jump back up to 800 and it would idle fine for anywhere between 10 seconds to whenever i started driving again. i have an air/fuel ratio guage and whenever i almost stall out it reads a lean mixture so im guessing its a fuel delivery problem? maybe fuel filter? also, as im d
  16. 88prelude

    90 wagon.

    this civic is most definitely awesome i love the work you have put into it personally i think you shoulda kept the meshies ;)
  17. you probably have to get an aftermarket map considering all new cars are full of computers and you cant do anything to them or they f*ck up lol
  18. yeah thats definitely axle buddy...does the noise come from the front or the back?
  19. have you checked your idle position sensor and have you tried turning your idle up?
  20. message back! cause i dont know anyone with a prelude that lives around me!
  21. well the battery light could be your alternator and as for the rattling you might have a bolt loose somewhere
  22. when was the last time you had your alternator replaced?
  23. he is ase certified oh well at least i know that im not running rich cause everyone that drives behind me says they smell my exhaust
  24. sensor went bad maybe...try turning your idle up manually and see if that does anything
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