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bad wobble on highway

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for the record dont just look into rotors lol.surprised noone has said nething but there r many reasons that ur car could be woblling .my crx does it and it has nothing to do with the rotors.even if braking makes it worse.look into your suspension also.bad ball joints and such could cause a problem like this.other suspension components could do this as well.

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Rotors shouldn't effect it very much if at all unless braking. How do I know for sure? Cause my car currently has warped rotors on the front and wabbles like crazy when I hit the brakes (mainly from higher speeds). It rides perfect though when not touching the brakes.


Alignment can also cause it and if so it's probably due to the caster being out. Extreme toe could probably make for an uncomfy ride too.



When's the last time you had your wheels/tires balanced? Check that and have them check the tire to see if it's still round or if it has flat spots.

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when i had a bad alignment on my olds getting an alignment helped but you could just get you're rotors resurfaced



oops sorry i forgot to put in there "when braking" you could have bad rotors and need to have them resurfaced

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