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h22a motor


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no no no . iwant to seelll one.. how much would they go for?


Depends on the condition, miles, what all are you selling with it like ecu, trans, etc.

Also if it is OBD1 or OBD2. There are various factors on it.

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well cuz i got a nice deal on an accord with a h22a in it, only 500$ i want to buy it but i dont want the car. i do want the motor however. that h22 is throwin out way more horse and torque than my b16b,,, but i wanna make my money back o nthe rest of the car =/

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Maybe but what does it really matter if you break even cause you'll getting a potentially $1000+ motor for $500 not even counting the add ons you'll getting that you can resell. And why sell the tranny wont you need a tranny in whatever car the motor goes in or are you going to do an h2b conversion?

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