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New Underoath


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I've been an underoath fan since before "The Changing of Times" era and I didn't like "They're Only Chasing Safety" too much....


gotta say, the last two releases are top-notch screamo-core that you won't find anywhere else...it's amazing...


Unfortunately I'm more into much heavier stuff now like Carnifex, Cholera, and Despised Icon...so this kind of music kinda bores me, but it's definately worth listening to!

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define the great line was my favorite of them all. i've been listening to them for a long while now, and i cant listen to their old stuff now that i have been into their new. their old screamo guy didnt sound good imho. only old song that ill listen now is when the sun sleeps. their old stuff to me, didn't "mesh". but anyways, im probably going to go buy the cd today. will be the first cd i will buy in like 10 years :laugh:

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