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worst setup you have seen and what was it

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Working on cars for over 10 years, and I have always wondered how I actual have been able to make money doing what I enjoy to do. Then I remembered all the cars that have come in to my garage and wonder what the hell were they thinking. But you do good work at a good price and business will come, sometimes too much to handle. I have this one car now from a friend of mine and I hadn't talked to him in 5 years or so. I ran in to him at the Battle of the Import race, we raced each other (didn't know it was him, didn't really care who it was). I ran a 14.5 at 92mph on street tires with a stock D16Z6 in a 89 CRX. he ran 15.8 at 88 mph in a 89 civic hatch (ls/vtec turbo) that's right. I said what! I couldn't believe it till the next day when I went to his house to see for myself, sure enough it was. I wanted to help him out as he was gonna just quit the whole scene. I got the car to my house and started working, he had an ls/vtec with a typhoon intake manifold and 450 dsm injectors with an FMU. You read that right. He was also running an obd1 ecu chipped for a n/a b20 vtec. Plus the motor was sitting crooked.(re welded mounts) when you started it, barely ran, had to induce a vacuum leak to get it to run. sooo much fuel it was spitting out between the turbo manifold and the turbo. Oil was no good any more as it was mixed with the fuel. Well has wiring issues too. I made him a deal that I would fix it in exchange for parts as he as most of us are on a budget.....Too Be Continued

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mine was stock and it was a wreck. when I bought it there were no fuses in the car and it had a spare alternator wedged in next to the distributor. The driver side front brake pad was installed with the mounting tab hung up on the side of the caliper so when I was hitting the pedal it was slowly bending the pad into a 'U' shape trying to force the pad to hit the rotor. the pass side caliper had lost one of mounting bolts and was held on with a coat hanger. the trunk tire well was full to the top with water. the drain line for the sun roof was never attached, so water leaking around the glass was leaking straight through into the headliner and then down onto the passenger seat.

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My old celica was the worst setup I've ever seen. Let's see the list


93 celica gt conv.

auto slushbox

short ram intake

R1 Racing Muffler

(probably ran 18's in the 1/4 on a good day......seriously)

Invader 2 full body kit

Carbon Fiber Wing

Carbon Fiber hood

Tinted windows w/ Tinted rear plastic window

Spring compressor 1" drop

Momo wheels painted gunmetal

New factory Red Paint

Clarion CD Player

DVD Player

Rearview mirror w/ built in TV Screen

DAD racing seats and harnesses

2 12" Rockford Subs

Memphis amp

Fiberglass enclosure in spare tire well

Memphis 6 1/2" front speakers (stock rear speakers)

Red Underbody Neons (and under dash)



I actually probably never would have left that ricer scene if I hadn't gone broke. My next plan was a 3S-GTE swap which would have been my first mod if I could have done it over.




Edit: Actually I've seen worse setups (non painted body kits, aluminum wings, etc....), but my old car is one that I really grew to hate.

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Worst setup: 1984 Civic CRX HF with a 1985 Civic Wagovan 1.5 liter CVCC 12 valve engine on what I think was the stock HF transmission. The air cleaner assembly had been removed and replaced with one 4 inch diameter round cold air intake (no low end torque). He had about 150 pounds of audio equipment in the trunk and had attached a rear wing from a 1984 Toyota Supra with what looked like wood screws. The paint had begun to bubble around the attachment points.




My setup: 1987 Civic CRX DX with an automatic transmission, bone stock. I smoked him (2+ car lengths) by manually working the transmission. After that I smoked him 5 times by just flooring it (aggressive acceleration).



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I don't want this thread to die. When I read the op's comments I was like, "yeah, whatever, you're just trying to make yourself look good with this post." Then when I saw who posted it I was like, "whoa, nevermind." Horse, make sure to keep us updated. I deffo respect what you have to say and I am interested to hear if you can save such a shoddy project.

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Current customers D16A1. The shop that was going to build it doesn't know crap.


Very heavy chamfer on the cylinders, but still usable.


Some kind of used pistons with valve reliefs in the wrong place, very tall dome (would probably sit around 18:1 if it wouldn't hit the head), knurled skirts.


Eagle rods were ground for clearance versus notching the block. They are toast.


Decked the block .017


Milled the head .015, put a real crapty valve job on it


Hardwelded the cams and reground them for a flat tappet versus swipe pad. They are toast.



So the only parts being used is the block, head, and crank. Nothing else they touched.

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