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    1993 HONDA CIVIC DX: dodge dokota crew cab 4x4 4.7
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    aem cold air intake, header and exhaust, oil breather filter, converted from auto to manual d16a vtec engine swap
  1. nice car cant wait to see vids when up and running
  2. ur taking the engine and tranny out of the 99 civic and putting it in a 98 civic? should just be a simple swap maybe have to change a motor mount or trans mount were they both auto?
  3. when we gonna have another meet ??

  4. what seems to be the problem?

  5. whens the last time u flushed the system?
  6. ok just traded for this and the guy told me he changed out the ig coil plugs wires rotor button dis cap control module all the fuses are brand new and i tryed a ig switch today and a main relay not getting fire think it might be the distrubter?
  7. ive got some parts but for a price if interested i have a sale ad up
  8. ok the power supply is fried looked at it today everything else is good bump for me!!!
  9. might have blow by my old mini me did that
  10. what i have is a Q6700 quad core processer 760i a liquid cooling system and a 1000 watt power supply if interested message me and i also have a 1.5tb sata harddrive
  11. rocknskulls

    ZC Idle Issues

    did u clean out the idle air control valve really good
  12. check the idle air control valve mine did that when i first put it in
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