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In May I'm Getting a New Car...

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...unless I opt to buy the '02 Toyota Camry XLE from my mom for $2500, which is still an option b/c i love the reliability (142,000 miles and not a single problem), gas mileage (32 mpg), and comfort (rides like a Benz)...


However, if I do decide to get back into the Honda game I will be purchasing a '92-'95 Civic Coupe (white/black/red) because they are totally in the $2500 price range for one in great shape and low enough miles...


I already know what i'm gonna do, so i thought i'd fill you people in on what my plans are...




---->alighned professionally

---->camber adjustment

-->Axis Oldschool 15" wheels

-->Fake-ass Mugen Front Lip


-->Dent Removal/Prep/Paint



-->Either a D16Z6 or B16A, whatever comes first




-->JDM Center Console w/ DVD Player

-->Boston Acoustics Speakers/Sub/Amp

-->Rockford Fosgate Wiring

-->B&M Short Throw


...and of course it will be detailed regularly and hopefully looking really clean with the drop/wheel/tint combo


Wheels----->3" lip baby




and a look similar to this (clean) is what i'm going for...




ya'll don't have to respond but i would like your opinions on whether or not i should just stick with the Camry or get back into this money pit called car modification....ha yep, definate money pit >_<

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im picking up my new car in less than two weeks.


but that sounds good man! i hope you get back into the honda game.

it will be weird seeing a different car in your sig though, thats for sure.

sounds like a nice build so far. good luck! and keep us posted

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I say get back into the Honda game. I'm gonna get out of the tuning scene when I'm finished with the sol but only because at that point I'll be getting a classy ride that's already how I want it. I can't see myself ever satisfied by an old Camry. So boring. And as long as you keep yourself limited to a build list like that and don't go crazy it's not that much of a money pit. I'd even go so far as to say just stay with a D series and you're good, man.


Still, automatics are fun because they allow you to eat tacos while you drive. Which is a very serious issue.


Whatever you do, get back on here, mang.

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I'd say go for the Civic. As others mentioned, you obviously still have a desire to mod, so you may as well do so now while you don't have any major responsibilities. Sure, it's a waste of money, but anything enjoyable usually is. It's not as though you're planning anything crazy for the car, so I can't see you dropping $12k on it as you said you did with the Integra.

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He dropped a bit of money on an LS-Vtec build that sort've went south after all was said and done. A definite bummer, and a definite way of making someone wanna' say f*ck trying to build up a car after having spent/done all that.


Edit -- ANd I think it slung a rod or something.

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Oh and Dan, if you want 14's I advise you go with a GSR setup lol..


Guy in town here tried his hardest with most of the bolt on's to get into the 14's with full interior with his b16 ej1 and couldn't do it. had to strip his interior down and then try on a set of 13" rims lolololol.

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That's really sad considering that many bolt-on GSR's literally I/H/E are hitting high 14's and heavier than an EJ....though not a lot heavier. I'd definately do a GSR swap over a B16 unless you plan to boost. I could never get past how "ball-less" my del sol was off the line compared to my teg. Teg pulls a little stronger up top (all through really) so better all around.

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wannaBstuntin-i completed the at-mt convo and never had an issue with that because i had pretty much an endless supply of money coming in...when ls-vtec came around i was broke as f*ck, but my ls motor was going on me...so i rushed it, got it completed, and a month later broke a rod in half, shattered a cylinder wall, melted a piston some how, melted a wrist pin, and totally screwed up 4 valves and the area around them....yep....oh and vtec engaged twice i believe in the entire time i had it.


so yeah, after spending endless hours working on it and a ridiculous amount of money for age 17-19 (mostly 18/19) it all went to crap and i wound up selling it for less than a grand.


so i have a sore spot for spending money on cars, but if i keep it simple, i feel as if i should still be able to have a good time and keep car modification as a hobby.

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so i have a sore spot for spending money on cars, but if i keep it simple, i feel as if i should still be able to have a good time and keep car modification as a hobby.


that sounds like the best way to go about things.

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