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VIDEO: 11.754 @ 119.87

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Aren't you worried at all about running it hard and still untuned?

It is street tuned on a Romulator. I do not consider that a tune. I just know that if it were properly tuned, it would be a lot more capable.

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Oh, okay, it is street tuned then. That's a good thing. It may not be that great for power gains but that makes a world of difference over just throwing parts on and driving off.


It's awesome that you could be making 75 more horses just with a tune.

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I would think more then 75fwhp with just a tune (and 1000cc injectors). Yeah, the air fuel is good, but just the fact that cam timing and other stuff will change how much power will be going out. Plus, judging by an in car air fuel versus seeing run after run on a dyno will do a lot.

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