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hey everyone


I was wondering if you guys could fill me in on what has been happening around here lately (within the past few months)?


I will fill you in on what has happened to me...college and work


My car did get stolen though one of the first weeks I was away at college. It was found in the middle of an airport parking lot with no wheels, broken driver window, complete sound system gone, and cold air intake gone. The steering column was completely fracked up too.


I am in the progress of redoing my car and so far only have wheels and tires, a new cd deck, and a new window. OEM intake for now.



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i dont have pics of the car with everything missing but the next time i go home i can take pics of the car now.


my wheels are just those gold bbs that i have in the pic in my sig.


the car looks the same now as it did before it was stolen

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did you have insurance for it?


adding comprehensive, not collision though, to the wifes sol and for my civic only ran an extra $20 per car every six months....money well spent for theft/vandalism coverage

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