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Happy Birthday BigBirdSucks


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I really never knew I was that important to you all. I don't even drive a honda anymore, but I still love cars of every make. I bought a '00 Audi A4 not too long ago, but I still have the '92 GS-R. the band is going better than even I thought it would. we'll have a 5 song(atleast) EP done by late february-early march. you all will get a copy, I promise.


again, thank you all for making me feel important. I won't lie. I've had an extremely hard year since derby time and seriously had very bad thoughts go through my head. because of you all and a few others(not joking about the few) I made it through. thank you and I love you all.



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we love you back, man. hope you become regular again. have a good one!


thank you. I will become a regular again. I don't know what help I could be, but I'll do whatever I can.


Nancy, I don't think I've found you on myspace yet, but I've wanted to chat with you for a while now. please PM me your myspace address.

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