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08 STI


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I know there's been threads in the past on this, and most people hate the new STI's looks. That said click the link below. SICK!!. I seriously think the thing is incredible and might be my favorite STI yet. Only thing I'd do (appearance) is red out the taillights..



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Black makes any car look good! LOL. Seriously tho, this indeed is a decent looking car. You can tell Subaru is trying to appeal to a more main stream group...


Or they are setting this car up for a downfall since hatches and the US don't mix.

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That's true about hatches and the US. I think this thing looks great though and the silver one really caught my eye with those wheels. From what I heard the main reason they went with the 4 door hatch is due to the request of their rally drivers.

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This is what I think of the new Impreza. lil photoshop i made up




What Subaru should be saying...



i dont like Subaru's new designer, whoever they may be, some of Subaru's recent designs have turned out to be pretty ugly in my opinion.

There has always been the competition of the Mitsubishi Evo Vs the Impreza


Need I say more?


my deepest apologies to those who find certain words offensive.

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I think the last gens of both the EVO and the STI look better than the new jams. They're bigger and more normal looking. I just have a thing for little cars.


I've been reading good reviews about the actual performance of both the new EVO and STI. They feel slower cuz they're more refined but are actually faster, is the way it goes I think.

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yeah i dont really like the front with the black piece, everyone is copying the trend audi started a few years ago, which i hated to begin with, but it has grown on me a little, not much. the last gen sti i liked was the one xxscaxx has. the new ones had the weird grill in the front that was just ehk, and now they are a 4 dr wagon. if they made a 2 dr version of the one xxscaxx has id be all over that

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i really dont care for it, but the more i see it the more i like it. BUT...if you go down to post #10 in the thread hung posted... the PS'ed version of it. now, if thats what it really looked like, i would have already sold my car and had one on order. i WISH they would have made a 2 door version, that is honestly one of the sickest looking ps'ed cars ive seen.



also, though they might not be appealing stock, you know they will look awesome lowered, kitted, etc.


hung, if you want, go here: http://www.iwsti.com/forums/2008-sti-discussion/


they have a lot of good threads about the 08 sti, plus photoshopped of the actual 4 door just with minor things done (that can be actually done if the car is bought).



oh, and the EVO X is so fugly. i was so hyped for it but the actual production came out terrible. yuck.

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fair enough hung on your opinion of the new Evo X, i think it is a better design than the new subaru because it its more agressive, truer to its roots, and those evil front head lights just make the car look mean with that gaping jaw its got on it. The Subaru has just got too tame now! Those photoshopped ones do look pretty sick, in that guise yeah it looks good, but why didnt they make something more like that out of the factory? The rear lights on it were a big mistake, it looks too generic, doesnt look like they put that much detail in to it, in red they are just about justifiable, but in the white they look pure cheese. Also I think with the front they could have put more effort in to that, the front lights are bland, the bumper is far too generic, with that shape vent being on pretty much every car, and boring looking fog lights. Ok i know these cars are made for the power and not too much for the looks, but the looks should be a big part of it!

For me the best evo there has been, it is this bad boy...

Evo VI rules! especially in black



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Nice link xxscaxx. That looks sick. I'll agree....bone stock, I'm not feeling the STI nearly as much. However, minor mods like a drop, new rims, and maybe a front lip and taillight'd red'd out and it looks incredible. Same with the 06-07.....I don't like the looks at all stock, but when they are heavily dropped they look pretty mean.


Oh and nobody mentions that the EVO X has gotten heavier (3600lbs from what I've heard) while the 08 STI is slightly lighter than it's predecessor.

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