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I was .. getting bored with it.


Boosted, on slicks(trackwise) with full suspension work, a paint job and a lip kit all around ..


All I had left to do with it was build it. Didn't wanna' delve into doing that really. It was fairly easy to get my Trans Am where it is..the only issue is the price of everything.


Now that I look into it though, I'm sort of regretting it. It was a fun little car, by far one of the nicest in the area.

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late on the comeback, but at least its late!


billy has practically disappeared. wonder if hungs thrashing of his 4x4 finally got the best of him?


I know what you mean about getting bored with a car. So far in my driving career I have owned one vehicle for longer then 1 year. The other 13 vehicles: longest one I owned was 11 months. I have since given up on buying any car worth more then 2-3k, just not worth it with my track record for replacing them.

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i could have sworn i said "NO" to these type of threads...BAH!!!!


Y'all are lucky I have a broken leg...if i wasn't so lazy and drugged up I'd be locking this up. LOL.


They have thier place. Without the LNC threads you would just end up with half the real threads being off topic all the time. At least this way it focuses the useless posts all in one spot.

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The key to not looking insane is letting the crazies out a little bit at a time over a longer period, rather then keeping it all bottled in till you explode. That way you don't look insane, just strange.

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fires, floods, earthquakes and rick. why would anyone want to move to/live in cali?


oh snap! this guy has jokes! lol. :laugh:


if there is any reason on why you should live in cali, its me!!!!!


well, i take that back, you all are a bunch of horn dogs. so nancy would be your reasons. lol.

(and this is not a bash on nancy, i do value my life o:) )

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just had 5.6 earthquake half hour ago.. felt like a 3


Epicenter was in South Bay, yah? Was talking to my brother on the phone when it happened...he's around the South Bay. Been a while since SoCal had a size-able earthquake...


Was it a rolling one? Or a nice shaking?

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