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Loud vtec...

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my old h22a with I/H/E the difference between engaged and not engaged was dramatic. Under WOT it was loud, and then when it engaged it was deafening. You couldn't hear anything over the exhaust noise, even with the radio full up or a pissed off wife in the pass seat yelling at you to slow down.....it was great!

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Yeah, SOHC Vtec is barely noticeable compared to DOHC. I guess I'm just used to all the single slammer rice that's floating around Salisbury.



Lmfao, what more could you ask for? :D


Umm. :o

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Rofl, Ben... Stop pointing fingers. SOHC Vtec is the crap lollers. I could hear my vtec when I didn't have a muffler and When I first started it and took off down the road. :D

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