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    Haveing fun and doing stupid things. Batman.

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    2005 Suzuki Forenza Wagon
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    I am building a show car

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  1. Well last Wednesday my girl left so now I am a single father. I only feal bad for my son he is the bystanderd in this but at the same time I'm glad it happend now not latter.
  2. Cats We in FL don't need no stinking cats :drew:
  3. I'm not sure... but my buddy has 3,000 Watts to the one he has.
  4. Yes, but did you know there are only three bat species that feed on blood. That one is the Common Vampire Bat or "Desmodus rotundus" there is also the Hairy-legged Vampire Bat or "Diphylla ecaudata" and the White-winged Vampire Bat or "Diaemus youngi". All three species are native to the Americas, ranging from Mexico to Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.
  5. That is a vampire bat w00t BUT they are only 2 3/4 inches in length and have a 8 inch wingspan Never that big :nono:
  6. My address says St.Pete but it's closer to Pinellas Park.
  7. Batman

    Lighting Question

    Words to live by, If it don't fit force it, if it brakes brake out the duct tape, if that don't work you did'nt need it any way. JK
  8. I just left my job where I put in Fire Srinklers, Alarms, Hydrants, and Extinguishers. I know how you feel busted. Now I work with boats.
  9. Batman


    I don't know, but he is getting big. The last pics I saw he was still a baby.
  10. I'm not a real mechanic, we do it old school back yard style. The terms are just what we say. Crank walking is pretty much throughing the bearings, inturn the crank shaft wobbles and looks like it's walking. How about we call it Redneck talk?
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