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Fixing Fugly Wheels.

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Session 1: Introduction


My brother had some American Racing "series 86" that i wanted to refinish... so im gonna.


they look like crap and are dirty as a cambodian hooker so i am going to fix them up.


here's some pics... will post progress along the way.


give opinions on what color they should be colored?


im semi-polishing the lip.













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sanding.. its not that deep..


start at 200, 400, 800, 1000


semi-polished.. dont care too much about them.


Session 2: Cleaning


I cleaned the hell out of these bad boys.. turned out pretty well I'd say..


check pics:





DSC00296.jpg :thumbup:

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"i keep my hand clean cause i neva touch dope"


yeah, first time i have touched dirty crap from a car since like a week or 2 ago when i detailed a ford focus for 100 bucks.


wasnt much work.. just used a bunch of water and some homemade concoction for wheel acid and a sponge w/ scotch brite.

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i'm going to sand them by hand.


my brother said i should paint them all black.


thats boring and i dont want to.


im thinking a gunmetal color.. i have some wheel paint in my trunk i used on my valve cover..


here's the color for reference.



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i be doing this to my wheels as soon as I see how his turns out.


btw, any reason why you didn't dismount the tires? or if you were going to still use tires why you didn't mask them off so you didn't have paint all over the sidewall?

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I really dont want to polish the lip.


I dont like the wheels enough to put that much time into.


selling them when im done and i'll take some pics right now if you all want.


i was kinda dizzy last night from the paint fumes... pics werent too great.


i didnt dismount the tires because i put pieces of paper around in between the tire and lip as to keep the paint off.


and i live in an apartment with no bead breaker.. i do this for the sake of me being bored at night.


i dont know much of what else i should do to these things.. any suggestions?

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clean up that center bolt that would be under the center cap (unless youhave the center caps to put on it). it shouldn't be painted the exact same color as the rest of the wheel. it looks like you spray painted it.

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that center cap was disgusting.


Session 3.5: Fully Painted!


I did a full paint job on the full wheel today. (note: this is one of four finished)


I think it looks great.. let me know what you all think..


[bunch of pics]


Masked off












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not the center cap, the bolt in the center, as you painted right over the nut it looks cheesy. I was suggesting to replace the nut so it didn't have the appearance that you just spray painted them


other then that it looks great

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I thought it was a separate nut that actually bolted the center caps to the wheel. Didn't realize it was just single piece molded plastic.

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