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Business licenses...?


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I think you have to contact a local licensing board or some crap.


I really dunno. I've been thinking about trying to get my own license after a couple of years for heating and air, but the books alone are goddamn 1200 dollars.

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It varies by state/county. I just had to go down to the county clerk, pay the cash, fill out the form, get my certificate, send away to NYS for my tax certificate. Done.

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I am actually doing something online, just to get more information.


Select all of the business services for which Robert Yeong McManus is registering at this time.


Employer Withholding Tax

Unemployment Compensation

Workers' Compensation



Sales, Use, and Hotel Occupancy Tax License


Use Tax


Transient Vendor Certificate


Promoter License

Wholesaler Certificate

Public Transportation Assistance Tax License

Vehicle Rental Tax


Cigarette Retail Over the Counter License

Cigarette Vending Machine License

Cigarette Wholesale License

Cigarette Stamping Agent and Wholesaler License


Liquid Fuels and Fuels Tax

Motor Carrier Road Tax/IFTA Vehicle Decal


Small Games of Chance License/Certificate


I'm guessing I want either Promoter License or Wholesaler Certificate. Anyone?

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...it's been a while. But I did what CRG7 did. Went down to the city hall asked for a business app license. I think to fill one of those out you also need a DBA (Doing Buisness As...). Sorry not much help...I know.

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What are you looking to start up? Or looking to make legit? That'll help determine what you would need to file under.

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In Ohio you do not need anything other then to file for a business name.


Depending on what you do for your business depends on if you need to do anything in addition to that. If you are selling stuff you should get a vendors license. If it is a service company and you only offer labor then look for a license in your specific field, if you offer labor and sell parts you need a license and a vendor license.


If you are running a sole-prop do not file for anything with the workers comp, unemployement or withholding taxes. In ohio if you are the only worker you don't have to file for these things and will save yourself a crap load on unnecessary expenses and paperwork.

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