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so I feel kind of rude just coming on and posting in the classifieds & not really having a whole lot else to do with the rest of the forum. so... introduction.


- I'm Lexi. (also known as porcelain or amphetamine.)

- I'm 21 & I work as bartender.

- I've spent the past 6 months in England, but I'm headed home next week to Raleigh, NC & I absolutely can't wait!!

- currently car-less, kind of. there's the accord my dad's bought me for my return which i just can't stand... it was supposed to be have been an integra. (see the classifieds) last time i put decisions in his hands! my last car was a '99 jetta which was a complete wreck- she had so much body damage- but i loved her. lol.


so.. that's about as brief as i can make it. lol. feel free to ask questions or pm me if you want.

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why hello there....i'm known as Sex Panther, don't be afraid, I don't bite.


Weakest. Post. Ever. (Can't you tell I don't make a good wingman?)

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well aren't ya'll so sweet!


i'll admit, i dont know too much about cars anymore- its been a couple of years since I was really into it.. so promise not to laugh at me if i say something stupid. lol.

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