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This is my retarded dog Patch. He's a red nose American Pit. I take him everywhere with me. He's started liking climbing trees at Liz's grandma's house. He's almost a year old. Don't ask cause I don't know, nor care what bloodline he his. He's an all around good dog (guard dog, and just chillin) I don't need nor want him to be mean.


He can't handle heat. He's used to central air chillin:








Liz at her cousin's house dressin the poor retard up:



Up in his favorite tree:


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I have no pets where I live, but my parents have 4 dogs and one of them is "mine" She is a white springer spaniel, I think (I dont know crap about dogs that is just what someone told me).

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What's that Lassie? Timmy's in trouble?!?!?! :D


it's a mini-lassie dog, my second one actually.


the first one was actually named....you guessed it....Lassie.

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